Some other informations

To help you have an idea of who I am


Some answers to questions you might have

What is my price  ?

Just contact me !

Where am I ?

I live and work in a old house that I renovated in eastern France (near Besançon, Doubs).

Can I meet you ?

Why not. This will depend on the project. But in general, I can do everything remotely. I work exclusively remotely since 17 years for clients throughout France and even throughout world. And I've never even met one of them.

My language ?

My native language is French. I'm pretty comfortable in English. I can have an oral conversation if my interlocutor does not speak too fast or does not have a terrible accent! By mail, there will be no problem.

What do I use to communicate ?

I am open to your habits. Personally, I mainly use mails, Skype and Hangout. But I can use a project management tool, Slack or whatever you want ! :-)

What is my family setting ?

I am married to a talented portrait photographer and I'm the lucky father of a wonderful 9 year old boy ! :-)