3D printing a model

A model I made

3D printing a model

Modelisation and 3D-Printing of a model I made for a BMX addict ! :D


I ordered my first 3D-printed object! The result is great at the first sight!
I just have some little problems with the colors (blue of the wheels and pink of the shoes).
The object is 12cm tall and it cost me 66€.

Here's the rendered object :

I ordered it on Sculpteo.com. This website is awesome! You can upload your model in obj or 3ds (easier to get the colors) and then you can configure it.
Here's the model on the website : http://www.sculpteo.com/en/design/bike-22/i2WV6von
It's very fast and intuitive. You can easily make a solidity check depending on the size you chose.

Thanks for watching :-)


3D printing a model