Some skill with which I have fun

..."specialisation is for insects" :-)

Here are my different skills

with some examples

2D/3D Creation

Modeling, lighting, animation, compositing with Blender. I have worked for years on personal projects, modeling many 3D-printed objects, 3D concept-art, as well as animations.

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Drawing / Concept Art / logos

I have been drawing for almost 20 years. I work a lot with colours and light. It is a skill that I would like hone professionally. I'm open to all types of projects (video games, concept art, etc.), and over the years, as a web designer, I have had the opportunity of designing a lot of logos, whether animated, static, coloured or monochrome...

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Directing / Editing / VFX

I love making short films (making use of lighting, VFX, green screens, etc.) as they allow me to practice freely and at my own pace on exciting techniques such as tracking, and masking. I have also made video product presentations and product demonstrations.

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I have worked in web development for over 17 years. I have had opportunities to work on very interesting and large web-only projects (completely manageable mini games, customisable products with live previewing, games based on voice recognition, etc.). In general, I can do whatever I am asked to produce. Being self-taught, I just need to take some time to learn a skill before succeeding in creating something with it, though I develop mostly in PHP and jQuery. I am also really helpful and fast at fixing bugs on existing websites or in data mining.

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