My 'career' in short

A summary of what I have done these last 17 years

A summary of my career

plus some personal information

I have work for almost 14 years in a web design/SEO company as lead developer. I have managed large web projects (one of the largest being 2M€/year), complex web apps (web games, online product customisations, online assembly tools, etc.) and over the years, I have developed 3 CMS/eCommerces that have formed the structure for hundreds of websites.

I have worked with a multitude of clients, helping them define and design their projects by offering solutions that fit their budget. I made hundreds of quotes, audits, and analyses

Besides that, I have directed 6 short films. These films allowed me to progress and semi-professionalise myself in scriptwriting, actor management, editing, VFX, directing, sound recording, lighting, and image processing, to name a few. I hope to soon direct my first public short film with my own little team ! :-)
I also directed some videos for product/company presentations.

Generally, I try to fill my life with as much as possible! :D

For example, I also have a band with which I have done many live performances in France and Switzerland. We released two albums and we are lucky to have a fanbase that follows us and encourages us! I also renovated an old house in which I live today, was a volunteer fire-fighter a short period of time, and develop applications, websites, and logos for friends.