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Nicolas Fenix

Hello World ! So... I am Nicolas Fenix and ​​I'm 32.
I am passionate about and self-taught in many skills. I am not content with only one specialised skill, I prefer having a wide range of knowledge that allows me to be able to work on a project fully, from A to Z.
I have worked for 13 years in a web design/SEO company as lead developer. I have managed large web projects (the largest of which was 2M€/year), complex web apps (web games, online product customisations, online assembly tools, etc.). Over the years, I have developed 3 CMS/ecommerces. They have formed the structure for hundreds of websites since.
If I am here, it is mainly to diversify my activities and professionalise myself in artistic capacities. Indeed, the company I worked for is very central in 'complex' web and SEO, making it hard to branch out. I wish to work for smaller customers, in more confidential projects and perform tasks that involve a shorter follow-up. I am already handling large web projects that are evolving for more than 10 years.

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